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The Mahwah Adult Soccer League gives an opportunity for Mahwah, NJ residents that are 18 or older to play soccer in a friendly and competitive environment. Any skill level is welcome to participate in our league.


League News

LAST 2 WEEKS !!! Have Fun!!!

End of Season Party

MB&G at 9:30PM Thu Aug 7



Welcome to Mahwah Adult Soccer League, League Start next week Tue June 2nd at Continental. 8:00 PM sharp

This year we are organizing two divisions.

Competitive = Younger age group below 36Yr

Recreational = Adults

The team breakdown and Schedule were distrubuted. Please review.

If you are interested in being the Team Manager please let me know. If not I will choose. Managers.


- Bring a Black and White shirt. Until the town supplies me with the league shirt

- Let's play fair and everyone have the same amount of equal play time

- Team were made up based upon skill set to maintain balance. The league has the right to adjust if necessary

- You will have one week to ask for a trade. Managers are required to accept. -

2014 Season



Tuesday, July 29 2014

Field Home Visitor

8:00 A Brazil Germany

8:00 B USA Armenia

9:00 A Argentina Mexico

9:00 B Italia Ireland

Thursday, July 3, 2014

8:00 A Argentina Germany

8:00 B Italia Armenia

9:00 A Brazil Mexico

9:00 B USA Ireland

Tuesday, Aug 5 2014 ( Mini-tourney)

8:00 A 1st(comp) 4th(comp)

8:00 B Italia Ireland

9:00 A 2nd(comp) 3rd(comp)

9:00 B USA Armenia

Tuesday, Aug 7 2014 ( FINAL)

8:30 A Comp- Winner

8:30 B Rec- Winner

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